Mark Davis

Founder and CEO

Currently completing his B.A. in business administration at Jerusalem College of Technology. He has been working in start-ups in sales and customer support, as well as in the travel industry, since around the time time he moved to Israel, back in 2017. He decided to found Explore the Land so people could experience Israel like he has been privileged.

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Mordechai Levi

Founder and COO

Completed the army in the Cfir Brigade, he is continuing his studying in Lev Hatorah, assisting in various non-for-profits such as Lev Lechayal and The Hebron Fund. A proven programmer in the field of app development, he decided to start this company, alongside the rest of the team, to help others travel.

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Aharon Blecher

Founder and CMO

Completing the army in the Paratroopers Brigade, working in customer service and marketing for start-ups in Israel and South Africa. Managing marketing teams for fairs and stores, he wanted to use his skills to teach people about Israel.

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